America Smiles – $100,000 OF FREE BRACES

America Smiles is a non-profit organization that promotes and provides access to life-changing, essential orthodontic treatment is awarding $100,000 in complimentary treatment in our community for

  1. students who have overcome adversity or have made a positive impact for themselves and others (One new Student per month)
  2. children presently in foster care. (All severe cases are automatically accepted, just call our office!)
  3. children who experience severe hardship and/or circumstances including surviving children of our fallen soldiers/service members. (All children are automatically accepted, YAASSSSS!! just call our office!)

To nominate a student, email us with the student’s awesome story along with your name/cell phone. The winning applicants are chosen by the Empower Orthodontics team of judges, based on these stories, to receive full orthodontic treatment at Empower Orthodontics – free of cost.

The organization’s Founder, Dr. Timothy Poyadou is an orthodontist that has practiced Dentistry for almost 10 years and has a passion for building the self-esteem of individuals one smile at a time. He understands how a crooked smile effects the self-esteem and confidence of these growing and malleable individuals along with their ability to become the best they can be. He intends to use a smile to change lives by assuring the individuals that he services complete the program with complete orthodontic services. The mission statement of the organization is “Transforming lives by transforming smiles, one patient at a time through excellence and passion.” For the Free treatment for Fosters part of the non-profit, Dr. Tim understands that the lack of resources and access to resources will cause this population to continue to struggle in this area of orthodontic services because they’re usually not covered under Medicaid which is the insurance option for this particular population.

America Smiles is awarding complimentary treatment to students. Throughout the school year, individuals may submit nominations of students who have overcome adversity or nominate a student who has made a positive impact for themselves and others. Each Month one student will receive orthodontic treatment from the America Smiles non-profit of Empower Orthodontics at absolutely NO COST!

We encourage everyone to nominate a deserving student or Foster child!